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    Get Best Gold Rates in Guwahati

    Check the latest gold rates with HNS Gold. Sell your gold in Guwahati for the highest value. Quick, reliable, and secure transactions!
    We appreciate you contacting HNS Gold Company to obtain an Valuation of your gold coins and jewelry. We regret to notify you that you should speak with our executive to find out the current Market Value for your Old Gold that is below 22 Karats. With regardsTeam HNS Gold!
    Gold price updated on
    15 Jun 24
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    Rule out all the hassle and sophistication to Sell Gold in Guwahati with HNS Gold. And this becomes even better when you are being paid the highest price.

    • 100% Gold Valuation using a German-Made XRF Karat Machine
    • Payment is made immediately when you sell gold online with us. 
    • There will be no loss or melting of your gold.
    • Government Approved Process Valuation.
    sell your old for cahs in kolkata

    Most Trusted Brand HNS

    The leading Gold Buying Company Serving Customers Across 4 States with Over 9 Branches

    Enquire for Gold Rate Now!

    Cash Your Gold and get an Extra 5% Cash Back!


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      We have offices all over India!
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      Our Reasons for Being the Best Gold Buyer in Guwahati

      Why Sell Your Gold?

      When things are difficult, gold is your safe refuge. You can always use your old gold to help yourself out of unpleasant and financially challenging situations.

      1. Pay off an Old Overdue Debt
      2. Contribute to your children’s school or college education.
      3. Start a modest business of your own.
      4. Get rid of any old or broken jewellery.
      5. Take a trip with your old gold.
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      Immediately Cash Your Gold in Guwahati with HNS

      Selling your gold in Guwahati is now easier than ever. Just follow the simple steps and cash your gold flawlessly.

      Swiftly bring your old gold to our office.

      Witness as your gold while it gets weighed.

      A German-made XRF machine is used to determine the worth of your gold

      Determine your gold price.

      Receive immediate cash or make a bank transfer.

      Do you Know

      What is the Gold Rate History Trend of the Last 10 Years?


      Price (24 Karat per 10 Grams)



      Put Your Gold to the Right Use with Our High Rates

      Your Old Gold is Your New Income

      Your gold is an investment, and HNS Gold ensures that you get the best price for it with the least amount of difficulty. To win your faith in the gold selling procedure, we employ a completely transparent system.

      How to Spot the Best Gold Buyers in Guwahati?

      1. Determine how much each of them contributes.
      2. Understand their entire gold purchasing process. 
      3. Choose the one with the best price right away. 
      4. Make certain that you trust their ratings and reviews.

      What Our Customers Have to Say

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      Have a Question

      Yes, we prefer buying hallmarked gold as it is the purest gold there is in the market.

      We at HNS Gold instantly pay you through bank transfers.

      We give you the best price in the market. Please refer to our chart for more details.

      We recognise that gold jewellery can frequently take up important space in your jewellery box by being left unused. So why not put it to use again rather than having it stay there getting dust?

      Giving your unwanted scrap jewellery a fresh start on life can be as simple as selling it to a reputable Gold Buyer like HNS Gold Buying Company. This increases your investment return and profit by twice.

      We buy all types of ornaments and gold coins and gold Bar silver in various purities. We don’t buy plated items. If you are unsure of whether your items are plated, still Bring  them to us for testing. We will test them and let you know. Any items that can’t be purchased are returned free of charge.

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